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Stressless Hard Floor Protector

Stressless Hard Floor Protector - Self-adhesive felt, sized to fit all signature ring-based Stressless® recliners, keeps your wood or tile floors in pristine condition.

Stressless Recliner Elevator Ring
Stressless Recliner Only Elevator Ring - The Stressless® Recliner Elevator Ring adds 1 1/4" to the height of the chair. Please note that in 2011 Ekornes widened it's recliner wood bases for more stability. To ensure the proper fit, please measure the Black Nylon Ring on the bottom of your chair. The Elevator Ring attaches to this Black Nylon Ring and it must be the correct size to fit your chair. The old style black nylon swivel rings will be also be attached to the wood base with 6 clips. The New wider nylon swivel rigs will have 8 clips. All Elevator rings are only made in a black color.


Stressless Ottoman Elevator Ring
Stressless Ottoman Only Elevator Ring - The Stressless® Ottoman Elevator Ring adds 1 1/4" to the height. Fits all free-standing ottomans produced after March 1, 2004. - $140

Ottoman Only Elevator Ring:

Stressless Armrest Table
W:9.8 D: 9.8 H: 7"
Stressless Armrest Table - This table is made for the Stressless® Arion, Stressless® Space and Stressless® Wave. Put it on the armrest when you sit down and take it off or move it when you go. - $225

Stressless Swing Table

Swing Table 2009 - The versatile Swing Table keeps everything at arm’s reach – a book, a drink or a remote control. The Swing Table fits most Stressless® recliners. True to its name, when not in use it conveniently swings away. (not for Jazz, Blues, Dream, Spirit or Vision Stressless Recliners). - $165

Stressless Swing Table 2010
Swing Table 2012 - New improved Model. A small matching table, with room for a book or a coffee. The Swing table fits most Stressless recliners with our famous round base (excluding Dream, Spirit, Jazz and Blues). And when not in use, it simply swings to one side. - $195

Stressless Computer Personal Table
Stressless Computer Table 2009 - (18" wide x 13") The Stressless® Personal Table is an innovative accessory that can truly be useful. Whether working on your computer, reading a book, or having a meal and watching TV. The table will not be affected by movement of the recliner. The table height plus the tilt angle is completely adjustable. The Stressless® Personal Table fits and coordinates with most Stressless® recliners. (not the Jazz or Blues Stressless Recliners.) Right Side Only. When not in use, simply swing it away and fold it down. This model can only be used on the right side of the chair. - $495

Stressless Computer Personal Table 2010
Stressless Computer Table 2012 - (16" wide x 12") New and Upgraded Personal Table folds away and can be used on either side of your chair. The Stressless PC-table gives you a good, comfortable working position. Simply swing it aside and fold it down when you have finished or if you fancy a break. The table fits and matches all Stressless recliners with the round wooden base. Can not be attached to Stressless Jazz and Stressless Blues. This model can be used on either side of the chair. - $595
Stressless Leather Care Kit Stressless Leather Care Kit - Available in a 250ml, 100ml or wipe kit.

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Stressless Fabric Care Kit
Stressless Care Kits - Fabric Care Kit.

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