HT-125 Human Touch Massage Chair (Refurbished)

A good massage has the power to benefit you physically and mentally. Today’s lifestyle has set invisible, yet heavy demands upon our bodies more than ever before. Mounting stress causes our muscles to tense and our heads ache in reaction. The benefits of regular massage to restore and refresh the body cannot be understated, all the way from relieving pain to better, deeper sleep. Live healthier, naturally. Receive the advantages of a massage chair without effort on your part.
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Features fully covered arched, padded leather armrests. The robotic Quad Roller System, which runs 3 sessions of 15 minute durations, plus Full Body Stretch mode, offers 2 speeds and is width adjustable. Auto Restore button and Range control of the massage. Calf and foot massager has 2 speeds and will fully rotate to provide ottoman support while you keep your legs up after the massage. Softening pad included which can serve as a buffer to a more gentle massage. Leather with leather match and memory foam seat and side to side swivel.

Warranty: 90 day Non-DOA parts only


  • Upright Chair Dimensions 45.00"L X 28.75"W X 44.00"H
  • Reclined Chair Dimensions 69.00"L X 28.00"H
  • Weight 136.5 lbs
  • Seat Width 20.50"
  • Distance to Wall 16"
  • Recline Angle 120-170 Degrees
  • Massage Range 27", Height Control
  • Massage Robot 3 motor, Quad Roller
  • Chair Recline Operation Power
  • Otto Recline Operation Power
  • Auto Shut-Off 15 minutes
  • Limited Warranty 5 Years
  • Shipping Box Dimensions 45.00"L X 30.50"W X 30.00"H
  • Part Numbers: Black: HT-125-100-001
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Refurbished Human Touch Chairs have a 90 day parts only limited warranty.
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HT-125 Human Touch Massage Chair (Refurbished)

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