Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair (Refurbished)

A good massage has the power to benefit you physically and mentally. Today’s lifestyle has set invisible, yet heavy demands upon our bodies more than ever before. Mounting stress causes our muscles to tense and our heads ache in reaction. The benefits of regular massage to restore and refresh the body cannot be understated, all the way from relieving pain to better, deeper sleep. Live healthier, naturally. Receive the advantages of a massage chair without effort on your part.
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Indulge in superb design and full, quality leather on all surfaces. The quintessence of Human Touch is offered in the design and functions for this model. Characterized by optical scanning with Acupoint Detection; custom intensity with Comfort Number System technology; retracting calf and foot massager, hiding under the chair when not in use; power recline; pressure point air impulse delivers calming seat massage; 3 motors providing 3 speeds; 27” massaging roller length; armrest vibration; A/C convenience outlet; backrest heat panels; removable head pillow and lumbar support pillow. 8 pre-programs:Sore Muscle Relief, Sports and Back Therapy, Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, Neck/Shoulders Relief, After Work Stretch, Morning energizer, Night-Time Soothing and Auto Demo.

Warranty: 90 day Non-DOA parts only



  • Upright Chair Dimensions 62"L X 38"W X 49"H
  • Reclined Chair Dimensions 80"L X 26"H
  • Weight 245 lbs
  • Seat Width 22"
  • Distance to Wall 20"
  • Recline Angle 105-165 Degrees
  • Massage Range 27", Height Control, Width Control
  • Massage Robot 3 motor, Quad Roller
  • Chair Recline Operation Power
  • Auto Shut-Off 15 minutes
  • Limited Warranty 5 Years
  • Shipping Box Dimensions 64"L X 40"W X 30"H
  • Part Numbers: Black Leather/Leather Match: HT-1650-099-001
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Refurbished Human Touch Chairs have a 90 day parts only limited warranty.
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Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair (Refurbished)

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