Vital IF-400 Interferential Stimulation Unit

Interferential Stimulation is a treatment modality for pain management. Unlike TENS units, Interferential Stimulation uses a unique multi-frequency current output that allows a deeper penetration of tissue without discomfort.  It has the power to bring very effective, quick relief to your pain with low frequency treatments.  By stimulating underlying nerves, a tingling sensation delivers relief to chronic pain sufferers.  It’s portable and easy to use anywhere.

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Technical specifications:


  • Dual Channels

  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable 0-50 MA Peak into 500 ohm load each channel

  • Carrier Frequency - 4000 Hz fixed (CH2)

  • Interference frequency (CH1). Constant mode: 4-400 bps, adjustable

  • Auto sweep: 4-45 BPS, 80-150 BPS, 4-set

  • Sleep Timer - 15 seconds

  • Output Configuration is quadrapolar (4 electrodes)

  • Waveform: symmetrical balanced sine wave

  • Beat frequency: 4-400 BPS, adjustable

  • Pulse duration: 125 microseconds

  • Treatment Timer is 20 minutes

  • Max charge per cycle is 12.5 microcoulombs

  • Uses a 9v battery OR a 120 Volt wall power adapter

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Vital IF-400 Interferential Stimulation Unit

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