Since it is still the start of the New Year, you are probably in full swing with your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you have used the start of 2015 to exercise more, read more, or sleep more. Why not give your home that same fresh start by adopting some simple and sophisticated design trends?

Trend forecasting is serious business and is probably much more of a science than you would expect. It takes an incredible amount of research about our wants, needs, desires, and even fears. All of this information is collected and analyzed and allows trend forecasters to predict the overall mood of society. This mood then gives forecasters clues as to what types of colors, patterns, textures, and styles we will enjoy being surrounded by in the coming years.

Making a comeback this year is mid-century design, also known as “retro” design, which can be found in fashion as well as interior décor. Take a look at the inspiring colors and styles below that you can easily incorporate into your home!

This Season’s Colors Are…

Each season Pantone® comes out with the fashion forward colors that we can expect to see trending in both fashion and interior décor. The 2015 spring/summer forecast says that we will see a lot of eclectic and ethereal colors and patterns. The trending colors are all a bit subdued yet have a fresh and modern feel. Bright colors a thing of the past as they are found to be too busy for this year’s societal mood. Trend forecasters are stating that this year is all about soothing, stress reducing, and confidence inducing atmospheres. The following is a list of this season’s Pantone® colors and their respective descriptions:

  • Marsala: Strong, confidant, sensual, earthy (2015 color of the year)
  • Glacier Gray: Neutral, dependable, peaceful
  • Aquamarine: Soothing, ethereal, dreamy
  • Scuba Blue: Playful, tropical, carefree
  • Lucite® Green: Minty, retro, refreshing
  • Classic Blue: Bold, independent, established
  • Toasted Almond: Comforting, timeless, organic, natural
  • Strawberry Ice: Warming, charming, healthy
  • Tangerine: Spontaneous, energizing, fun-loving
  • Custard: Sweet, cheerful, subtle, mellow

Top 5 Décor Trends

1. Golden Glamour
How fancy and expensive do you feel when you put on your favorite jewelry to give your outfit an extra shine? This year you can feel that same beauty while wearing your pajamas in the comfort of your own home. Accomplish this by incorporating some gold accents. Try mixing and matching different tones and textures of gold to give each room effortless elegance. Here are some glitzy tips to incorporate gold:

  • Kitchen – Drawer and cupboard knobs and pulls, towel racks, sink faucets
  • Living room – Lighting fixtures, centerpieces, decorative wall mirrors
  • Bedroom – Bedside lamp, perfume tray, door knobs

2. Animal Kingdom
Tap into your inner animal by accenting your home with cowhide! We are seeing a rapid return of this mid-century trend, likely because of its luxurious comfort and natural warmth. Here are some easy solutions for embracing this trend in your home:

  • Rugs
  • Throw blankets
  • Throw pillows
  • Barstool covers
  • Ottoman covers

3. Fine-Line Furniture
Much of mid-century style is centered on statement furniture pieces with clean lines, fun textures, and subdued colors. The most important thing is that each piece is unique! No more bulk purchases for your matching living-room set. Each piece of furniture needs to work independently, make a statement, and yet bring the room together with an eclectic feel.

Note: Do not be afraid to mix-and-match materials for your furniture (i.e. fabric, leather, metal, wood, plastic, or glass).

4. Welcome the Wallpaper
Last year we were all about the basic, solid-colored accent wall, but that is not on our radar in 2015. This year we are bringing back retro with eye-catching, bold accent wallpaper. Try out wallpapers that have bold digital prints or textured solid colors. When done right, this statement wall will draw guests into the room but not become the center of attention.

Note: Chevron print was the top trending pattern last year, but this overdone print deserves a break in 2015.

5. One With Nature
Contrast the clean, sharp lines of your furniture with the rough, natural shapes of horns and antlers. Bring the outdoors in to add an element of surprise to your décor while offering a very cozy and inviting environment. Be sure to accent sparingly with these lovely gifts from our deer and elk friends—you do not want them to overwhelm the room. Here are some ideas for bringing these woodsy pieces into your modern décor:

  • Chandelier
  • Table base
  • Lamp base
  • Centerpiece
  • Book end
  • Wall mounts

Now Go for It!
However you choose to spice up your living space, know that there are no rules when it comes to preference of design. Make these trends your own and play around with your options. After all, the only person you really have to please is you!