The New Year is an excellent time to make some changes for good in your life. As you write down your personal goals for the upcoming year, take a look at your home and decide what you can do to breathe new life into it, too.

Here are some easy, modern options to update your home for the coming year.

modern interior designTech spaces.

Most homes are decidedly connected, and in 2016, design concepts will shift even more toward the trend to be online in your home. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3.7 million employees, or 2.5 percent of the workforce, now works from home at least half the time. Many more have home offices that extend beyond office hours, and most of these people aren’t content to sit on their couches with laptops. This has led to a rise in wanting more streamlined-tech, productive-work spaces. Whether you use technology at home for business or pleasure (or both) look for office stations that accommodate more than one tablet, computer, or screen.

Eco-friendly materials.

More than ever, consumers are aware of the items they bring into their homes and how that materialism impacts the environment. New furniture pieces made from recycled or repurposed (and unexpected) materials will continue to make a statement in homes. Want to incorporate more eco-conscious choices in your own home? Look for items made from bamboo, reclaimed wood, and other certified, sustainably-grown materials. You can even seek out furniture pieces made from recycled plastic and metals. To ensure that your furniture is not adding toxicity to your air by simply sitting there, look for items that have a Greenguard certification for low to zero toxicity.

eco-friendly interior design

Multifunctional living spaces.

The traditional lines of what constitutes a room are blurring and making way for more ergonomic designs. Kitchens, for example, used to serve the primary function of meal preparation. Now they are family hubs for conversation, entertaining, doing homework, and other non-food related tasks. As a result, more seating options have moved into kitchen spaces. Expect to see more melding of roles between rooms in the coming year, particularly when it comes to living/entertainment areas and offices. Blend comfort with function in as many rooms as possible.

Bright colors.

Pops of color are not just reserved for curtains and tablecloths in the coming year. Consider pieces of furniture in bright red or orange, or repainting an old entry table in a purple or yellow. The trick to bright accent pieces is to make them highlights – and not go overboard on how much of it you use.

Exotic locale decor.

Expect to see more design influences with Asian and African elements in the coming year. As technology continues to connect ideas globally, design influences from these parts of the world are seeing new audiences. Sites like Pinterest have thousands of boards dedicated to these Asian and African inspired décor and even people who have never traveled to those areas are incorporating that style into their homes.

exotic interior


This old decorating staple is making a comeback in a big way. Consider using neutral colors with geometric shapes, and wallpapering just one wall of a room instead of overwhelming the whole space. You can also use wallpaper in unconventional ways, like as matte material for photos or artwork. Before you count this piece of décor advice out as dated or old, check out your local home improvement store. You may be surprised at the array of aesthetically pleasing wallpaper options.

Metallic elements.

Wrought iron railings. Chrome cupboards and drawer handles. Bronze frames and lamps. Whatever the overall aesthetic of your home, be sure to incorporate strong metallic elements to blend their timeless feelings with a modern twist. You can give this tip an eco-friendly boost by looking for metallic elements that have been recycled or repurposed from something else.

How will you freshen up your home’s design aesthetic in the New Year?