When we think of chairs, we think of sinking into a flexible, accommodating piece of furniture, perfectly suited for our sitting needs. And there are companies that cater to just that, offering seating options that have been specially designed for ultimate comfort. With so many amazingly cozy seating options on the market, it’s a wonder how these oddly uncomfortable chairs have managed to come into being. But as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so comfort may be as well…at least in the case of these five distinctive chairs.

uncomfortable chairs

The 360

Let’s begin our parade of pain with this office chair from Munich. Designer Konstantin Grcic built the 360 chair to sustain workers during their daily grind. But it is not meant to help you settle in. Instead it is designed to help you remain engaged in your sitting experience. The 360, with its awkward stool-like design, reminds you to adjust your sitting position from time to time. It is specifically devised to be used more as a tool than a chair, and to keep sitters moving around and remaining active throughout the day.

The Stick Chair

Fashioned into reality by daring Danish designer Carlo Volf and designed for submission into the 2005 Carpenter’s Autumn Exhibition, this Stick Chair is a modern take on the more classic, recognizable spindle back chair. One would be cautioned not to sit down too swiftly, as this poky perch is not to be beheld lightly. This Stick Chair is streamlined and minimalistic in nature, appearing to be more of a classic modern sculpture than a place to take a load off.

The Spike Chair

Created by Swedish designer Alexander Lervik, some might say this is the most uncomfortable chair in the world. Uniquely designed, the shafts of the Spike Chair are mean to symbolize shafts of rain, and the sitter’s weight is distributed over 60 wooden rods of 30 different lengths. A metal base holds the rods into place, and the different lengths create a scooped effect, meant to support the human body in sitting position. Whether or not such a structure is as comfortable on the body as it is on the eye is undoubtedly a matter of taste.

The Concrete Chair

If your ideal image of comfort comes in the form of large blocks of poured concrete, then this chair is for you. The Concrete Chair can be attributed to Stefan Zwicky’s imaginative mind. Weighing an entire ton, what this chair lacks in comfort and coziness it makes up for in durability. With clean lines and a contemporary, industrial feel, this piece of furniture is sure to leave its mark (at least on the carpet, that is).

The Steel Bean Bag Chair

Want something cozy looking that you can’t sink into? Well then the steel bean bag chair is for you. This solid seat sells for $4,500, and is not something we’d suggest you take a running leap at. Created by Rick Ivey, this piece of furniture might be ideal for that shiny, steely look, but not necessarily a preferable seat for snuggling up in front of a fire.

These chairs won’t exactly be winning any awards for their warmth and welcome, but they are interesting additions to the artistic world of fancy furniture. If you’d rather find something you’d actually prefer to position yourself upon for any length of time, the wide world of furniture creation that focuses more firmly on comfort still provides zero gravity recliners, supportive office and massage chairs, and a whole slew of cushioned couches for a more comfortable seating selection.